June Mood '24

June, and long warm summer nights await. In this month's mood we're sharing some of our crushes when it comes to architecture and landscaping. Also included are recipes that you will want to make on repeat all summer long as well as the easiest craft you'll ever come across that will turn your garden flowers into art. Hint, it will let you get rid of some built up anger too, should you have any! Find this and much more in our June Mood. We hope you enjoy this month's line-up of inspiration.

Pool House 
Constructed into the hillside, this pool house is a dream. We have a soft spot for MacKay-Lyons Sweetapple Architects and their works, and this project is no different. The building is perfectly situated nestled into the hill with an infinity pool overlooking the floodplain. Inside, you find both a changing area and a gym, as well as a hearth perfect to sit and relax around. Inspired b
y Mies van der Rohe’s 1929 Barcelona Pavilion, the concrete walls frame the pool house beautifully. 
Check it out here 


Restaurant Äng x Kvadrat 
Tucked in the countryside of southern Sweden you find restaurant Äng. A hidden gem, waiting to be explored. Upholstery maker Kvadrat (who also supply fabrics for Carl Hansen, Muuto and Bensen) collaborated with the design team (no other than
 Karimoku Case Study, Norm Architects and Keiji Ashizawa Design!) to supply upholstery to the restaurant's bespoke sofas, armchairs and dining chairs. They also incorporated Kvadrat's acoustic solutions and rugs on the project. Owner Daniel Carlsson says "We truly believe that the Kvadrat products have hugely contributed to the project's success. Not only in terms of how we were able to specify them on the furniture but also how we could use the wide selection and know-how of the team to lift the experience to a new level." It's truly a beautiful space, and if that wasn't enough the restaurant has a Michelin star and is located at a vineyard/hotel/spa. The perfect getaway.
Check it out here 

Piet Oudolf
Dutch Piet Oudolf is the father of "wild" gardens and the man behind The High Line garden in New York. When he designs a garden, he wants people to loose themselves in it, rather than just walking through, and for the visitors to leave with a feeling of it having evoked something deeper within them.  He wants it to be a sensory experience. Every new project is a playground for Oudolf and he particularly enjoys the contrast of creating these wild gardens in urban settings. For the mere eye, the gardens may look wild, but they are in fact very precisely composed as the plants are meticulously chosen and placed to create a sensual experience all year round. The result? A stunning looking garden attracting lots of pollionators.
See his work here 

Peter Backhaus

There's something peaceful in the chaos of Peter Backhaus paintings. Originally from Germany, he's not only an artist but has also established his own art school in Gothenburg, Sweden, a city he moved to as a young adult. He views his art as addressing the entirety of the human experience, resonating with both the rational mind and primal instincts. His artwork has won global recognition with his paintings being exhibited in both Luxembourg, Germany, Denmark and China. Backhaus' refers to his compositions as inner pictures with no purpose, where "total silence and total chaos co-exist", and we think he nailed it.
More about the artist here 


Charred Sweet Potatoes w/ Lentil Salad  
We'd like to serve this dish with everything we barbecue this summer! The charred flavour compliments the sweetness of the sweet potato so well and dates in the lentil salad really adds character to the dish. To top it off, the butter bean hummus gives the dish richness. A must try if you ask us.
Find the recipe here 

Spicy Watermelon Refresher 
Spicy, cool, and sweet. This must be the perfect summer cocktail! A serrano chili syrup accompanies fresh watermelon together with a smokey and smooth tequila reposado. A lovely way to end a hot summer day.
Find the recipe here →  


Prairie Originals 
After getting inspired by Piet Oudolf's work and his beautiful VitraCampus garden, you may want to pay Prairie Originals a visit if you are local to Manitoba. They specialize in native plants and are located just outside Selkirk. The perfect place to source local, native and hardy plants for your next garden project. For you reading our mood letter from elsewhere in Canada, rest assure that there's most likely a nursery with focus on native plants in your area too.
Plan your visit here 

Winnipeg International Jazz Festival 
Running for over 30 years, Winnipeg International Jazz Festival once again fills the streets of the Exchange. From June 14-22 you can enjoy the tunes from local, national and international jazz musicians. 
Plan your fest here 

Flower Pounding Art 
An easy and quick to set up craft that lends itself very well to making your own greeting cards. All you need is your favourite flowers, some interesting looking foliage, card-stock and a hammer and you're ready to go. By pounding on the flowers, the natural pigment in the flowers will transfer to the paper leaving a print of the flower on the paper.
Find tutorial here 

National Indigenous History Month 

June is National Indigenous History Month, and it's a time for us Canadians to celebrate the history, heritage and diversity of First Nations, Métis and Inuit Peoples. We encourage you to explore what your province has to offer in terms of indigenous culture. For Manitobans, Indigenous Tourism Manitoba is a great resource for discovering indigenous experiences. There you can find anything from culinary or cultural experiences to workshops and outdoor activities. 
Discover more here  →


Midsummer Night  Family drama and chaotic feel good. Luckily, the fewest of midsummer celebrations entails this much drama in one night. The rest is pretty much to the point though. Watch this mini series and you are in for a full blown Scandinavian midsummer fest complete with pickled herring, flower crowns, schnapps songs and dances around the maypole. In addition to that, the scenery is stunning and will put you straight into summer mode.
Available to watch on Netflix →

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