July Mood '24

Designer playgrounds, Danish cold buttermilk soup (say what?) and recapping 3daysofdesign in Copenhagen. These are just itsy-bitsy pieces of what we're highlighting in July. June has been a cold brew here in Manitoba, so we are really hoping we'll get to see some warmer temps this month. Either way, we've got you covered. A limited series for the rainy days and a fun and quick craft that will take your toasty al fresco dining to the next level. Here's to a fabulous month of July!

Frame House 
Situated in the Sonoma countryside, the Frame House invites the outside in by allowing loads of natural lighting to sift in as well as access to the exterior from every room. Seated on a hillside, the house  is armoured to withstand forest fires that have now sadly become the new normal in this area. Mork & Ulnes have used concrete columns, shear walls, and metal clad windows to "fire-proof" the house, while the wood clad panels are added as a superficial and sacrificial layer to soften up the overall appearance. It is a beautiful yet practical approach to building, and they've done so with impeccable style. 
Check it out here 

Monheim Playground 
This playground in Monheim, Germany, is designed by Studio Jeppe Hein and consists of benches, posts, and Louis Poulsen's Albertslund Mini Post Lamp. It's an 
an artistically designed, colourful playground and an interactive water pavilion that invite young and old alike to linger, play and marvel. The whimsically curved benches and arched lamp posts can be found in other cities as individual works of arts by Hein's, but this is the first time he's combined them in one single project. They invite you to climb, swing and slide and the overall result is a meeting place that intertwines art, play and community. 
Check it out here 

3daysofdesign recently took place in Copenhagen and although we didn't go there in person this year we followed it closely. Muuto
 unveiled their Muuto Spaces, offering visitors an immersive experience into their design ethos through three distinctive settings: the Muuto Courtyard, the Shaping Ideas exhibition, and the Muuto Showroom. Further more, they hosted a panel talk on the subject of Neuroaesthetics. A field that explores how physical objects and spaces shape our behaviour and emotions. We also got a glimpse at fun launches coming later this year and in the start of 2025. Audo expanded on the theme 'Shine a Light by' celebrating their nordic roots and the arrival of Scandinavian summer light. They presented a revitalized Audo House and offered house tours that presented a unique opportunity to experience the rich history, distinctive architecture and vibrant culture of Audo House
. Carl Hansen & Søn's exhibition 'Shaping the Future' featured novelties Børge Mogensen, Kaare Klint, Rikke Frost, Vilhelm Lauritzen and Henning Koppel while celebrating the 110th anniversary of Hans J. Wegner. Louis Poulsen was celebrating their 150 year anniversary and they did so in style with the art installation 'A Heart of Light', an interpretation of and homage to the Artichoke lamp. They also showcased news to come such as a collaboration with the fashion brand Fendi. Last but not least, Linie's exhibition 'Watertopia' combined the creative possibilities offered by traditional rug craftsmanship with a dream-like underwater world where head of Design, Urd Moll Gundermann’s intricately hand-drawn deep-sea dwellers were imaginatively transformed into a compelling woven narrative. It was a delight to witness another successful 3daysofdesign festival.

Scott Sueme // We are big fans of Scott Sueme, and this time we wanted to highlight his recently finished exhibition at Volta Basel. His work is stunning as always and this exhibition is no exception. With his unique approach to exploring the realms of art, and his understanding of colour, Sueme creates art that connects with the unconscious mind.  From The Volta Basel exhibition, we are particularly found of Flower Field #2. 
See the pieces included in the exhibition here 

Danish cold buttermilk soup, or Koldskål, is a delicious and refreshing summer treat with hints of vanilla. We know, it may not sound the most intriguing, but hear us out. It's the most traditional Danish summer dish you'll ever try and it's truly a delight on a hot summer day. Usually served as a snack, it contains few ingredients and is easily prepared in under 15 minutes. Traditionally, it is served with Kammerjunker, a double baked Danish biscuit, but it tastes just as good with fresh berries. Find the recipe here 

Rhubarb & Strawberry Lemonade 
Rhubarb and Strawberries pair so well together. Let's put that to full use with this refreshing lemonade. Simple, wholesome, and not too sweet, this lemonade will hit the spot on a hot summer day. The flavours of rhubarb and strawberry are enhanced by notes of ginger, lime and mint, adding complexity and freshness to this lemonade. 
Find the recipe here →

July - Festival Month 
July is practically Festival Month here in Manitoba with so many options to choose from. Basically, there's a fest for everyone, be it you're into music, go-carts, rodeos or film. The Riding Mountain Film Fest and Manitoba Night Market has our interest peaked, although it's hard to choose with so many fun events happening! 
Plan your fest visit here 

Fabric Mobile
A simple and quick creative project that can be done outside while enjoying the warm summer weather, the fabric mobile will take your outdoor al fresco dining experience to the next level. It would also look cute in a kids room. All you need are a couple of metal rings and scrap fabric in your favourite colour palette. You can also add in scrap ribbons of your liking and choose to hang the fabric strips loose or tie them on to the rings for a more secure fit. 
Find tutorial here →

Starring Benedict Cumberbatch as Vincent, Eric is a mini-series where we follow Vincent as he search to find his missing son while simultaneously fighting his own demons. During his quest to find his son, he finds solace in his relationship with Eric, a blue monster puppet drawn by his son. Vincent is convinced that if he can get Eric on TV, it will bring him back his son. It's a heartfelt and quirky show that's perfect for a rainy summer day, of which we hope we won't have many more of here in Manitoba. 
Available to watch on Netflix →

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