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Hudson & Oak



How did Hudson + Oak start you ask? Well, where all great ideas start from...on the couch! I was on the hunt for a planter that would suit my home decor. After visiting every single nursery and searching high and low, I could not for the life of me find a planter that fit the aesthetic of my home. They either had a strange glaze, interesting butterflies (no offence to butterflies, just not my jam on a planter) or were coloured bright teal or purple. Nothing seemed to fit exactly what I was looking for, so with a passion and love for home decor and since I couldn't find what I envisioned, I created it. Hudson + Oak was born. 

Our obsession with modern homeware design continues to influence our design process. Our planters are sourced from our supplier in Vancouver, then finished and hand painted in Canada. Our planters from our design series are painted by hand in our studio. 

We are dedicated to giving back 1% of our profits and time to local charities here on the West Coast. We also use 90% reusable + recyclable shipping materials, only reimburse plant-based expenses encouraging our employees to eat a plant based diet, and are avid recyclers. When it comes to our product, we order the correct amount of inventory so it's just-right so we don't create excess products or waste and the paint we use is environmentally friendly. Plus, our planters are made to last, meaning a longer lifespan keeps H + O in your home and not in the landfills.