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December Mood '23

For a while now, we've been sharing what's on our mind in terms of trends, what's happening in our community, and seasonal events, each month in our newsletter. As an extension, and a chance for us to dive further into some of the topics, we are adding it to our journal. What better way than to start out with December, the month of festivities! Here's what we have lined up for this month, and we hope you find it inspirational.

Liguria Loft Cabin
A former rye barn in the Alpisella alpine hamlet of Piedmont has been lovingly renovated and turned into a cabin by the skillful eyes of the architects at  Studio Officina 82. It is part of an innovative hospitality project that aims to rehabilitate forgotten structures in the Ligurian mountain areas. The Loft Cabin is part of the mountain resort Selucente, where several older buildings have been restored and converted into accommodation. Key for the project was to follow restoration principles and to add a design element while respecting the existing structure. An idea that we fully back up as you end up with a truly unique space perfectly blending old and new.
Check it out here 

House & Home Top 100
House & Home introduced their top 100 designers in their latest issue, and we're proud to say that we work with a few on this list. First out is A-N-D Light. Every light they design is equally fabulous, and recent European design exhibitions have put A-N-D on the international design stage for good. The last year they've launched some impeccable designs such as Iris pendant, the Column series, Vale floor lamp and their latest Vector series. Second is Luminaire Authentik. Maude Rondeau, who is behind the brand, has grown the company from a three-person shop to an operation with multiple showrooms. Their made-in-Canada lighting is a favourite of designers across Canada and the almost endless finish options available are a plus as well. Although, it can make it hard to choose sometimes, as you can customize both hardware, wire and shade colour! Our favourites are the Norvegienne pendant and Danoise pendant. Last but not least is local to Winnipeg, Jaclyn Peters. She has an expert eye for colour and a flair for casual yet collected interiors. She recently wrapped up a divine Winnipeg new-build together with Harris Builders and architect John Duerksen.


Citrus Cured Fish  
Citrusy, light and fresh, try this appetizer to kick off the holiday season. Serve as a starter or double the recipe and include it as an appetizer at your next holiday party paired with a horseradish and sour cream sauce and crostini. A few lighter and fresher dishes is a great addition to any holiday party spread, and this citrus cured fish will balance off the heavier dishes nicely. The recipe calls for fish fillets with skin on, but we can recommend frozen cod loins. They are nice and thick, and raw fish should be frozen prior to eaten raw anyways, as freezing kills any parasites.
Find the recipe here 


Grapefruit Cardamom Gin Fizz 
Woodsy with a rosemary simple sirup and cardamom infused gin, this cocktail is a fun and delicious alternative to mulled wine or eggnog and is sure to put you right into holiday mood. DLUX served it at their Holiday opening and we loved it. So make sure to try this out for your next holiday gathering. The cardamom infused gin is also super easy to make and would make a lovely host/hostess gift. 
Try it for yourself here →

The Holdovers 
What is the holidays without a movie to put us into the spirit of the season? The Holdovers will do just that, and in an entertaining and quirky way. The story plot goes; A cranky history teacher at a prep school forms an unlikely bond with a student who has nowhere to go over the holidays, and the school cook, who recently lost her son. Bitter and joyful at the same time, this movie can be seen in cinemas throughout December.


Narnia Musical 
For Winnipeggers with children, or Winnipeggers with their childlike spirit intact, this December Narnia can be experienced as a musical at the Manitoba Theatre for Young People. Boost your family's holiday spirit by bringing some magic into it with this musical version of Narnia by Toronto's Bad Hats
. Step through the magical wardrobe yet again, and be entertained by Bad Hats who skillfully combine physical comedy and musical wizardry. We personally never grow tired of the magical world of Narnia.
Tickets can be found here 

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