January Mood '24

Welcome to 2024 and our first mood of the year! A new year always feels like an opportunity for new beginnings and to start fresh. The recipe and beverage for this month reflects that by being fresh, simple and boosting our immune system. We are also having a look at the interior trends for 2024, but will most likely create a separate journal entry were we deep dive a bit further soon. Keep your eye's peeled! We are excited to feature the Bedford Quarry house as our architectural feature this month. A stunning property, designed by Steven Harris, nestled on a cliff in an abandoned quarry where they used to mine for rose-quartz amongst other stones, just an hour outside of New York City.

Over-all, this month we are focusing on creativity and relaxation - a gentle way to ease into the new year. So, without further ado. Happy New Year and welcome to 2024.

Bedford Quarry House
Nestled atop the cliff edge of an abandoned quarry in New York state you find the Bedford Quarry house by architect Steven Harris. The site boasts magnificent views over the water and surrounding forest, and the vistas were a major consideration when designing this home. Harris prefers working with a challenging site and saw this as an extremely geological opportunity. The result is a beautifully designed home where nothing is left unconsidered. Enjoy a video tour of the home and learn more about Steven Harris design philosophy. 

Check it out here 

Interior Trends 2024 
Curious about what is trending in the interior world of 2024? Let us satisfy your curiosity by revealing a few of the bigger ones. The colour brown is rumoured to be the statement colour of the year and we particularly like brown paired with a pop of colour like the Visu chair in dark stained oak and the light blue Tub Jug by Muuto. The world of interior is also anticipating innovative materials to take the stage in 2024. Think unique pieces in unconventional materials such as a light fixture in weathered steel like the Vector pendant by A-N-D Light. We are also expected to take a pause from technology with homes returning to "dumb homes" rather than smart homes where old-school buttons and switches will make a comeback. Why not designate one room in your home to being an oasis free from tech? Further more, sculptural art, glasswork (hear Sophie Lou Jacobsen!), pine wood and personally eclectic styles will thrive in the year of 2024.

Klar Sø Nordic Spa 
Elkhorn Resort in Riding Mountain recently opened their new Nordic outdoor spa where you can immerse in hot and cold temperatures to boost your immune system and overall well-being. Their Scandi-style interior and architecture looks lovely and we are dying to experience it in person. Sara is lucky to go in just a month and will be available for a full review should you like one.

Check it out here  

Ricotta w/ Crushed Olives, Almonds & Lemon 
Fresh year - Fresh start. Light and fresh, this recipe is whipped together (literally) in no time. The soft ricotta, saltiness from the olives and the freshness from lemons - It's the perfect appie to enjoy with friends and would pair well with grilled sourdough.
Find the recipe here 

Spicy Apple Cider Vinegar Remedy 
Keep the winter blues at bay with this sweet, tangy and slightly spicy remedy. It's a delightfully warming beverage and the honey and spices balance the apple cider vinegar so well. It tastes delicious and is a true immune booster. You can just feel how you're doing your body a huge favour sipping on a cup of this. The bonus? Bye bye flue.
Try it for yourself here →

Looking for some time to rejuvenate after the busy (yet lovely) holiday season? May we suggest booking a Geodome for a night where you rest, reset, and watch the starry sky accompanied by the crackling of firewood? There are a few to choose from in Manitoba. Two options that we have our eyes on are Moonlit Canopy by Pelican lake and Wild Skies on the banks of Whitemouth river. Book now - Thank us later.

Abstract: The Art of Design 
This docu-serie follows several innovative designers in various disciplines and highlights the art and science of design. Step inside their minds and learn how design impacts our daily living and shapes our world. Creativeness is everywhere, be it art, interior design, or even successfully running a business, and we find it interesting how other peoples creative minds work. The show is available on Netflix.

The Creative Act: A Way of Being 
This #1 New York Times bestseller book by Rick Rubin explores what it means to be creative and how to make creative living part of your life.  
Over the years, as he has thought deeply about where creativity comes from and where it doesn’t, he has learned that being an artist isn’t about your specific output, it’s about your relationship to the world. Something available to all of us.
The book can be found here 

Serratus Movement Centre
Are you looking for a fun way for you and your family to move during the winter months? Try Ninja or Parkour at the Serratus Movement Centre. They have classes for all ages, both for kids and adults. It's indoors, so you are protected from the elements, and it's more like a play-approach to exercising which makes it lots of fun.
Check them out here 


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