April Mood '24

Welcome April! This month, we are aiming for spring feelings and outings while still staying warm and comfortable. It's also the perfect time to start scheming any garden plans you are considering to put into action this year. We are doing our best to convince you that a natural swimming pond is what you've been missing in your yard all along. Besides that, we turn our eye towards the new show by Guy Richie. A must watch, if you ask us. Happy reading.

International Pillow Fight Day 
We couldn't resist throwing it in here (pun intended). Today, April 6, is International Pillow Fight Day! Make sure to pick a pillow fight with someone today and to share in some fun and laughter.

Notoo Studio Superclassica SCW 
Notoo Studio created Superclassica SCW for their client 41zero42, a ceramic tiles designer. The abstract shapes along with the irresistible colours, and may we say fantastic furniture selection (hello Carl Hansen, Flos and Louis Poulsen), it's the perfect backdrop for these ceramic delights.

Check it out here 

Rubeena Ratcliff 
Rubeena is a Vancouver based artist with a background in architecture and we absolutely love her abstract paintings in neutrals and sometimes with added splashes of colour. She says "What most intrigues me as subject matter for my paintings are the most ordinary things; Still life objects that I see around the home day after day but which resonate for me in their familiarity and rather unexceptional landscapes. I can find a particular quiet, an understated beauty and mystery."

See her work here 

Natural Swimming Pond 
Natural swimming ponds are the new pools if you ask us. By adding plants on shallower ledges, they naturally filter the water without any need for chemicals in your water and it makes them look pretty too! If you've been playing around with the idea of adding a pool to your yard, you should consider making it a natural swimming pond instead.

View how-to guide here →

Petit Magasin 
It's that time again. We are hosting another Petit Magasin pop-up market in May and we could not be more excited. It is always the best experience and the shop turns into this space filled with creative goodness.  This season is no different. The theme this time is tendresse and we have quite the line-up for you. Make sure to stay in the loop by following Petit Magasin on Instagram and to scroll down to the bottom of this newsletter to see the line-up. Hope to see you!

Stay in the loop here →

Cassoulet Vert  
Fast, healthy and delicious. This one-pot meal is simple, nourishing and a feast to the eye. The lemony kale pesto accompanies the beans beautifully, making it a great dish for spring. We'd like to pair this dish with a nice chicken breast with crispy skin.
Find the recipe here 

Hot Cashew Cocoa 
Nutritional and decadent, this hot cocoa has become one of our favourites and it is super simple to make if you have a good blender. It contains soaked cashews and dates as "milk" and sweetener and becomes the most creamiest of hot cocoas you have ever experienced. Trust us and give it a try! We'd say it's the perfect companion for a spring weekend road-trip.

Try it for yourself here →

Crocus' in Arden 
Road-trip alert (bring said hot cashew cocoa)! The north side of Arden, MB, is know for being covered in blooming crocuses in April. A true sign for spring in Manitoba and a delight to the eye. While there, make sure to also go for a hike along nearby Whitemud river and check out the 100 ft suspension bridge. All in all a great destination for a fun Sunday drive.

Plan your trip here →
Earth Day
April 22 is Earth Day and a lovely way to pay homage to and be grateful to the planet we call our home. Why not spend some time on this day to honour earth.

Find earth honouring ideas here 

Super Communicators
Charles Duhigg has done it again. His book Super Communicators explore what it means to be exceptionally good at communicating, and connect through conversation. A skill we learn can be developed through practice. You may recognize him as the author of The Power of Habit which was a NY Times bestseller 3 years in a row. His ability to tell stories makes his books easy to read and allows you to retain the knowledge you're acquiring as the stories ties the facts to your brain better. For a shortcut, you may want to check out the episode he did on the Rich Roll podcast which in itself is highly educational.

The book can be found here →
The Gentlemen
The Gentlemen series is a spin-off on the movie with the same name. The series is also directed by Guy Richie and it's fun, quirky and highly entertaining British comedy at its best! Here's the storyline; 
When aristocratic Eddie inherits the family estate, he discovers that it's home to a huge weed empire, and its proprietors aren't going anywhere (even though he tries to make them leave). Highly watchable! 
Available to watch on Netflix.
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