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ANDLIGHT was founded by Caine Heintzman, Lukas Peet and Matt Davis to challenge existing standards and produce a new generation of decorative lighting. They incorporate thoughtful and provocative design processes with new materials, innovative technologies and production methods to create lighting that inspireswonder, curiosity and emotion. All ANDLIGHT products are designed, developed, produced and assembled in Vancouver with a commitment to honesty, purpose and the environment.



Characterized by a pioneering perfect balance mechanism developed in the 1930’s and an engaging kinetic form, iconic, quintessentially British brand, Anglepoise® produces an incomparable series of practical, energy-efficient task lamps, ideally suited for both domestic and commercial interiors.

From the creation of the now iconic Original 1227™ lamp, the brainchild of British automotive engineer, George Carwardine ... to the development of extended collections by esteemed industrial product designer, Sir Kenneth Grange ... to the most recent venture, a collaboration with Britain's foremost designer, Paul Smith, incomparable British design is the heart and soul of Anglepoise.



To understand Barter, we must understand its origins. Born from a belief that if we look to our natural environment we will find abundance in materials and natures design. Therefore, embracing this belief and vision, our connection to nature became the driving force behind this design company.

As Barter becomes more educated on manufacturing and local material potential, it will strive to make products of necessity that are beautiful and purposeful, becoming valued family items handed down over the generations, gaining the patina of time, our most valuable resource.


Amos Coat Rack


Woodrow Bed


Alfi 3-Seat Bench High Back




NUD Collection is a Swedish lighting brand specialized in design and manufacturing high quality textile cords. The textile cord collection consists of 45 shades that allow the customer to be creative with a wide spectrum of colors.

The main idea is to let the customers build and customize unique lighting pendants in three simple steps. By combining a textile cord with one of NUD Collection’s beautiful lamp holders in several natural materials it is easy to create eye-catching lighting pendants. To make the suspension complete NUD Collection also offers a wide range of light sources consisting of LED, fluorescent and incandescent lights to have something for all purposes.

Wine Breather Carafe Deluxe


Blu Dot

Blu Dot


Blu Dot’s goal is to bring good design to as many people as possible. That means creating products that are useful, affordable and desirable. Their design process is founded on collaboration and they believe that form is a byproduct of their creative process.



Bocci has a growing portfolio of contemporary design ranging from light installations to furniture and electrical sockets. All Bocci designs are developed, engineered and fabricated in-house through an infrastructure calibrated to provide full control over technique, quality and scale. They operate as a cooperative community of designers, architects, craftspeople, technicians, agents, governance bodies, testing facilities and raw material suppliers united by the goal of creating and delivering extraordinary objects.

Stacked Storage Podium


Large Pressed Tray


Carl Hansen & Son

Since 1908, Carl Hansen & Son has depended on the belief that iconic design is a combination of simplicity, aesthetics and functionality brought to life through skillful work with the highest quality materials. Through the years, Carl Hansen & Søn has maintained a strong focus on preserving Danish design classics while continuing to expand their collection to represent influential new designers.

Alfi Aluminum Chair High Back


Leonard Chandelier


Stacked Storage Podium


Restore Tray


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