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A Day at Audo Copenhagen

A Day at Audo Copenhagen

Introducing a new/old Hut K brand favourite into the lineup! If you didn't know already, recently our brands Menu & by Lassen have merged to form a new brand under the name Audo Copenhagen. Named after the Audo House in Copenhagen - former Menu's iconic headquarters that features a concept store, hotel, cafe, restaurant and coworking/event space all under one roof.

Developed from uniting MENU, The Audo and by Lassen, Audo Copenhagen reflects both a century of Danish design tradition and a modern, global outlook that is continually expanding and evolving.

During 3 Days of Design in Copenhagen, we got a chance to experience the new Audo headquarters, and see the launch of the new brand!

Seeing the space in real life was really exciting as it's been built up in my head for years. I had visited both previous Menu headquarters in and around Copenhagen but this space feels particularly special and community-focused. You enter into their cafe/restaurant before being lead through the concept shop and out to the gorgeous patio space. The rebrand has pushed their ethos of soft minimalism with a true focus on natural design elements to the forefront. 

One of our highlights was experiencing the 'Fence' exhibition by Colin King. Colin along with Alex Crowder of Field Studies Flora, took over the Audo Penthouse unit and replaced all furniture with 77 Stance Vases filled with phragmites, or your common reeds, from a local thatcher. The vessels were displayed in 3 areas within the penthouse unit in a manner that brought new life to Colin's vessels. 

A number of the Audo furniture pieces were upholstered in new, bold textiles by Kelly Wearstler and Christian Lacroix to name a couple. This brought a very different feel to some of the chairs we've seen over and over. The eclectic fabric combinations along with the new palette of wall colours by St. Leo gave the Audo a fresh new look.  

Of course it was fun to see some of all-time favourite pieces in their home environment like the Dancing Pendant which was spotted in a couple spots throughout Audo House. As well as some sneaky new pieces that might be coming soon! Spot anything new? 👀

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