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TXL 2019 Floor Lamp

$5,198.00 $5,198.00

Just as materials and techniques evolve, so do lamps. The TXL managed to light up exteriors with the same warmth as interiors. But “all things must change to stay the same”, and so the lamp is updated and presented with a new fabric shade. This new material better withstands adverse weather conditions and clothes the lamp in a ductile, and yet solid and resilient look. The new TXL wants to fill the space with its own light. Its design stands out for its size, but it’s the fabric material that allows the light to pass through the shade and shimmer.

Another change accorded by the designer is the base, now made of poured concrete, giving it a cleaner, one-piece look. Strong and formidable, the TXL prospers, but its essence remains unchanged and it continues to serve its purpose: to take the inviting light of a home and move it outdoors.

Shade is available in beige or grey.

Lighting Specs
TXL 2019 170: 3x E26 LED TYPE A 8W
TXL 2019 205: 2x E26 LED TYPE A 11W 
8ft long black cable
Suitable for wet locations
UL listed

TXL 2019 170: 16.3" base, 67" tall, 22.9" wide shade
TXL 2019 205: 19.6" base, 80.3" tall, 27.6" wide shade

Concrete base and stainless steel stem. Shade made of textilene with the inner part always in white. Diffuser in white acid etched glass. 

    Please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery of all items in-stock at Marset Spain. 

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