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Louis Poulsen

Studio VL Table/Floor Lamp

$594.00 $594.00

The VL Studio family derives from a lamp designed by architect Vilhelm Lauritzen for Radiohuset (The Radio House, headquarters of the Danish Broadcasting Corporation) in Copenhagen in the 1940s. The name "Studio" was chosen because some of the lamps were used outside the studio to indicate—with either a red or green light—whether recording was taking place. Lauritzen was the architect behind Radiohuset, a functionalist design, which was inaugurated in 1945. Radiohuset is a "gesamtkunstwerk"—like most of Lauritzen’s buildings—meaning that he designed all of the interiors and every detail of the building. When developing Radiohuset, Lauritzen designed a broad collection of lamps in close collaboration with Louis Poulsen. For this project, Lauritzen created the Studio lamp, the VL 38 Table lamp (VL38), the Radiohus Pendant (VL45), and the VL Ring Crown lamps. After the creation of the lamps in the 1940s, they were produced by Louis Poulsen. However, over the years, they were all taken out of production. The VL45 (Radiohus Pendant) and the VL38 (Table lamp originally from the interior of the building) were reintroduced in 2016, the VL Ring Crown was reintroduced in 2019, and the VL Studio lamp in 2022. The VL Studio lamp is closely related to the Radiohus Pendant. Both lamps create a diffused light through opaline glass, which provides a pleasant general light around the lamp. Based on the design and materials of the lamp head from the original wall lamp, the VL Studio Table/Floor lamp was introduced in 2022. It is made of polished brass that has been slightly brushed with glossy white, triple-layered, mouth-blown opal glass. The VL Studio Table/Floor lamp also comes in a matte-black version for a more clean and graphic expression compared to the soft, warm look of the polished brass version. The table lamp series is available in three sizes that can be positioned as floor lamps or as table lamps, as required. The smallest size has the same 150 mm diameter as the original VL Studio Wall lamp, and it can easily be placed anywhere. The middle size with a diameter of 250 mm is perfect as a table lamp, and the larger version with a 320 mm diameter is ideal for both table and floor use. With its simple aesthetic and exquisite materials, the VL Studio Table/Floor lamp brings a modern touch and warm ambiance to any interior.

The fixture emits a diffused, glare-free light. The triple-layered opal glass provides a comfortable light distribution and radiates a pleasantly delicate glow to its surroundings. 

Light source
Ø5.7: 1x5W 30W G9
Ø9.8" and Ø12.6": 1x15W A-19/medium

Cable type: Black for black version and white on brass versions.
Cable length: 8. 2 ft. In-line switch.
Ø5.7": On/off switch.
Ø9.8" and Ø12.6": Electronic dimmer switch (requires dimmable lamp)
Glass shade can be removed to change the lamp

Glass: Hand-blown, opal, triple-layered, glossy
Housing: Deep-drawn aluminum or brass

Please allow 8-10 weeks for delivery from Louis Poulsen US. 

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