Spotlight Volumes Floor Lamp


Inspired by spotlights, the Spotlight Volumes series is based on four unique shade profiles which combine in various ways. While designed with a modern silhouette, the inspiration is based on a classic shape, giving a timeless air to the fixture.

The Spotlight floor lamp broadens application possibilities for the series as it stands in round on its own.

Shade A: 10.5" diameter by 6" tall
Shade B: 14" diameter by 8" tall
Shade C: 5.5" diameter by 8" tall
Shade D: 5.5" diameter by 12" tall
Shade E: 24" diameter by 12" tall
Base: 5.5" diameter by 55" tall

Spun aluminum shade. Billet dimmer knob. Glass globe.

Lighting Specs
- 100-240V
- Integral Dimmer Knob
- 1 x E26/27 15W A21 2700K
- 5" Glass Globe for A Shade
- 7" Glass Globe for B Shade
- 12” Glass Globe for E Shade

Please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery of A-N-D lighting. Contact us for quickship options.
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