Reflect Table


Reminiscent of the work of artist Donald Judd, Reflect is elegant mirrored coffee table that plays with the optical effects of different reflective materials and simple geometry. The combination of glass and mirrored surfaces creates interesting double reflections and extended perspectives.

Objects can be placed on the top surface or arranged directly on the mirrored bottom panel for interesting sculptural and visual effects. Full reflections appear in the mirror, while subtle semi-translucent reflections appear on the glass surfaces. Raising the table off the ground on casters and use of ultra-clear glass exaggerates the visual effects.

The table can be moved easily on its high quality casters, and has significant storage capacity for books and magazines under the main top surface. The tempered glass materials are highly durable and easy to clean.

A thin mirrored bottom panel is UV glued to the inside bottom of a clear glass box. Two sides of the box are open allowing objects to be placed on top of the mirrored surface for storage or display. The wide top surface is strong enough to support heavy objects.

The table is raised off the ground by high quality casters that attach via aluminum disks UV glued to the bottom of the table. The casters have enough friction so the table can be moved with ease, but will also stay where placed and not roll away.

The glass parts are permanently fused along their 45° mitered edges through a UV gluing process that gives the structure strength and a clean connection. All exposed edges are flat-polished producing a table that is precision made and smooth to the touch.

L 100cm D 100cm H 36cm / L 39¼” D 39¼” H 14” / 77kg 

Please allow ~12 weeks for delivery of all Bensen product as items are made to order in Italy.

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