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Raise Carafe

$129.00 $129.00

With its shapes inspired by modernist still life paintings yet interpreted in contemporary shapes and colours, the Raise Carafe has an inviting expression that encourages interaction when in use. Use the different colours together with the glasses for a unique and playful table setting. 

The carafe is mouth-blown and measures 8.7" in height.

The Raise Carafe & Glass are dishwasher safe, but over time, this will tear on the glass clearness which can be avoided by washing them in hand. In dishwasher, use a standard program. Maximum heat 70ºc. Due to the glassware's handmade nature that leads to varying weight and thickness of each piece, we do not recommend stacking more than four glasses on top of each other.

Please allow 2-4 weeks for delivery of all accessories in-stock at Muuto US.

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