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Press Pendant

$665.00 $665.00

Press is a series of lights made from the thickest and most transparent glass with a satisfyingly rounded linear surface detail. Aptly named Sphere and Cone, the shape is reminiscent of shipping buoys and children’s toys. The ribbed glass creates diffusion of the light source and projects linear and stripy patterns. Bold in silhouette and simple in function, Press is manufactured by dropping massive globs of molten glass at 1,200 degrees centigrade, pressed in iron moulds under tons of pressure to create immensely durable lights.

Lighting Specs
Light Source: 6W LED Light Source Included, 100 - 120V
Max: 9W, 3000K Colour Temperature
Output: 775 Lumens
Dimmable: Mains Dimmable, leading and trailing edge
IP55 Outdoor Rating.

Mini Sphere: 5.7" diameter
Sphere: 11.8" diameter
Cone: 13.3" wide by 13.3" deep by 11.8" tall

Glass, Steel.

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