Pipeline Chandelier


By definition, the Pipeline Chandelier features a cylindrical arrangement of linear illuminated sections cinched by metal hoops. Its carousel-like form proposes an unconventional lighting solution, one that radiates and spreads from its concentric structure. 

The Pipeline Chandelier is a new take on the original Pipeline series. The series’ backbone is a singular linear pendant, available in two different lengths, which can then be suspended individually, sequentially or connected in a mix of sizes and connecting styles. The result is a luminaire that can be moulded to any environment and express any vision.

Utilizing the linear components of the original Pipeline series, the barrel introduces a new connector: conjoining all components together, the metal hoop comes in three diameters; thus offering a fixture for residential to larger scale commercial projects. All models have a field adjustable 96" cable drop length and adjustable tier height.

Chandelier 1: 16.5" tall by 18.5" diameter
Chandelier 2: 16.5" tall by 30" diameter
Chandelier 3: 16.5" tall by 40" diameter
Chandelier 4: 49.5" tall by 18.5" diameter
Chandelier 5: 49.5" tall by 30" diameter
Chandelier 6: 49.5" tall by 40" diameter
Chandelier 7: 34" tall by 30" diameter
Chandelier 8: 34" tall by 40" diameter
Chandelier 9: 66" tall by 40" diameter
Chandelier 10: 49.5" tall by 40" diameter
Chandelier 11: 82.5" tall by 40" diameter
Chandelier 12: 148.5" tall by 40" diameter

Aluminum body. Cast acrylic.

Model Specific
47,000 hour Lifetime
3000K, 90+ CRI
Input Voltage 100–240V + 227V
Integral 24V DC power supply included
Dimming Options: ELV, 0–10, Dali

Please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery of all lighting by A-N-D unless otherwise noted.

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