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PH Snowball Pendant

$5,140.00 $5,140.00

Poul Henningsen designed his first lights back in 1925/1926 for an exhibition in Paris. His work with Louis Poulsen continued right up until his death in 1967. Throughout his life, PH sought to create glare-free lighting; aiming to direct light where it was most needed, and creating soft shadows while using incandescent bulbs as a light source. Poul Henningsen designed Snowball in 1958 and it was exhibited together with PH 5 at the Danish Museum of Decorative Art. However, Snowball received no particular attention on this occasion, and was only re-launched and manufactured from 1983.

The fixture emits comfortable glare-free diffused light. Matte painted undersurfaces and glossy top surfaces result in an attractive reflection of the diffused light, creating uniform light distribution around the fixture. When the light is switched on, the top portion is illuminated while the bottom part remains dark.

15.7" x 15.4 x 15.7 / 9.9 lbs

Light source
Socketed variant available with 1x 22W, A-21 bulb.
LED variants available with main dimming at 120V or 0-10V dimming with 120-277V.

Mounts onto a 4 inch octagonal outlet box. Canopy for socketed variant: White flat cone profile, 5.3 IN diameter x 1 IN tall. Canopy for LED variants: White dome, 9.4 IN diameter x 4.3 IN tall. Cord type: 2 or 3-conductor, 18 AWG white braided fabric covered power cord. Cord length: 12 feet. LED variants include class II driver for inside canopy. LED variants are 0-10V or mains dimming.

Shades: Spun aluminum. Frame: High lustre chrome plated, cast aluminum. Housing: High lustre chrome plated, spun aluminum.

Please allow 8-10 weeks for delivery from Louis Poulsen US. 

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