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Pebble Chandelier


Exquisite compositions of Pebble Pendants create radiant chandeliers emphasizing range and grandeur as they inhabit a space. The configuration of pendants from a multipoint canopy accentuates the Pebble’s organic silhouette and soft contours as they appear to pulsate in unison, radiating a mesmeric aura.

Chandeliers are arranged in three configurations—helix; double helix; and cluster suspended from either a grey, white or black powder-coated canopy.

The configurations are available in slate, citrine, pearl, or an assortment of finishes.

Helix: A ribbon of lights cascades downwards, emphasizing a majestic ceiling-to-floor compilation of pebble pendants united by a single round canopy. As an ensemble of pendants enter in dialogue to create a sculptural chandelier, it descends upon the room with seraphic eloquence.

Double Helix: The double helix formation is defined by two twisting arrangements gestured into an embrace. The exquisite compositions in their dancelike sequence, entrances us into a world of movement and light.

Cluster: At varying lengths, a voluminous cluster of Pebble Pendants descends from a multipoint canopy in constant rhythmic formation. The delicate staggering of pendants in suspension creates an illusion of transcendental stones levitating above; each distinctive collection imparts upon the viewer, a poetic illumination.

Technical Information
– Input Voltage:
110–277V / 220–240V
– Integral LED source
– 14W LED 39V
- 2700K
– 47,000 hours life
– Delivered lumens: 1038 per individual pendant (*Pearl Glass)
– CRI 90+
– PS:
TRIAC/0-10V 120V-277V 300mA
TRIAC/0-10V 220V-240V 350mA

Canopy Dimensions
– Ø 69cm / 27” (for 3/4/5/6 pendants), Ø 96cm / 37.5” (for 7/8/9/12 pendants)
– Canopy weight: 25lbs (for 3/4/5/6 pendants), 49lbs (for 7/8/9/12 pendants)
– Hang weight: 58lbs (3), 69lbs (4), 80lbs (5), 91lbs (6), 125lbs (7), 137lbs (8), 148lbs (9), 181lbs (12)

Contact us for all minimum and maximum drop length info for each configuration or if you'd like a black sandtex or satin metal canopy instead of white sandtex.

Please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery of all lighting from A-N-D or contact us about quickship options.  

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