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Moonsetter Table Lamp


Moonsetter by architect and designer Anne Boysen was the winning design in the Next Danish Design Classic competition broadcast on national Danish television in 2020. The competition judges immediately recognised the qualities of Moonsetter with its simple design, clean lines and timeless feel. The design of Moonsetter is based on basic geometric shapes with the circle, square and cylinder merged in a unique and artistic configuration. After creating the first prototype of the floor lamp for the design competition, Anne Boysen entered into a partnership with Louis Poulsen to continue design iterations.

The sculptural floor lamp in chrome-plated aluminium has a rotating disc that allows customisation of the reflection of the glare-free light emitted by the LED light source elegantly submerged in the frame. The disc rotates 360° around its own axis and is white on one side and reflective on the other. Tilted towards the white side, the light becomes soft and diffuse, whereas the opposite chrome side reflects the light panel directly for a completely different expression. The light is directed according to the position of the disc. The surroundings are mirrored in the frame and the chrome side of the disc. The lamp offers stepless dimming and is turned on and off by the rotating footswitch on the cylinder.

Light source
LED 3500K 19W

11.81"w x 25"w x 23.6"h


Please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery from Louis Poulsen US. 

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