Luce Orizzontale


The new sculptural work draws inspiration from an initial bespoke installation crafted by French designers for the historic Bourse de Commerce in Paris. Luce Orizzontale is a high-end, cutting-edge object that projects an unique light reflection effect generated by cast glass components.

Although suitable for residential and commercial projects, it creates a remarkable artisanal quality, with craftsmanship evident in its intricate details. The glass cylinders are meticulously formed by pouring glass into a mold, with the glass maker's movements imprinting unique markings on each piece.

Lighting Specs
- 120V-277V
- LED 58W 1961lm 2700K CRI 95
- Indoor only
- Dimmable

S1: 65.2" long by 4" diameter
S2: 81.5" long by 4" diameter
S3: 98" long by 4" diameter

Extruded aluminum covered in real leather. Opal polycarbonate.

Please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery of all items in-stock at Flos US 
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