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Landlord Spot

$935.00 $935.00

Landlord, designed by Piero Lissoni, comes in two variations as part of our new outdoor collection: Soft & Spot. Landlord Spot is a versatile, ø40 round spotlight, providing direct light for the outdoors. Its multi-functional spotlight can be placed on the wall, ceiling, ground, or even tree branch with an exclusive strap. Ideal for outdoor lighting applications, bringing your garden to life.

Lighting Specs
- 100-240V
- LED 2.5W 2700K CRI90 250lm
- IP65 Rating

Pole: 11.8" or 23.6" overall length; 3.1" shade depth by 1.6" diameter face
Wall-Mounted: 1.6" diameter shade by 3.1" deep; 3.8" long
Tree Strap: 1.6" diameter shade by 3.1" deep; 3.8" long

Aluminum construction.

    Current 6-8 week lead time on Landlord Spot.
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