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Lab Bollard Lamp

$1,701.00 $1,701.00

The new Lab has not only expanded its sizes and collection, the revised design allows the light fixture to be a more aesthetic object, full of textures.

The bollard models are supported by an aluminium structure, with a hollow interior space to allow for maximum interplay of light and material. The surface of the design shines through: painted sheets of metal or iroko wood will provide different types of lighting via reflection.

The beauty of this new collection lies in the way the light interacts with the different materials. The Lab collection continues to conceal the point of light, but its illumination —in all its versions, including the original— will be more powerful, with greater presence.

Available in white, brown, rust brown, or iroko wood.

Lighting Specs
LED SMD 700mA 4W 2700K CRI80 320lm (included)

Lab B 35: 13.7" tall, 4.9" wide, 3.1" deep
Lab B 60: 23.6" tall, 4.9" wide, 3.1" deep

Aluminium structure with front covers in either metal or pressed wood. 

Please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery of all products from Marset in Spain.

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