HYT-001 Multi Hanger


The HYT-001 Multi Hanger was designed to be the perfect solution when looking for a place to hang your things; whether it is a jacket, a bag, a camera, or really anything that you would like to keep easy accessible on the wall, rather than on the floor, table, shelf etc. 

It was designed to be low profile, extendable (in case you need more hanging space), and like all LIXHT products, unique and extremely durable, which makes it an excellent product to be used not only in a home, but also in public spaces like kindergartens, schools, gyms, restaurants, churches or wherever else you need to hang your things.

Optional: On a track, which makes mounting of multiple hangers beside each other easier. If you require more than 3x hangers beside each other, please contact us.

18" x 5" x 1.5" (Track version add 0.85" to the depth, width multiplies 18" x quantity of hangers)

Steel, Powder-coated

Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery on all products in-stock at Lixht.

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