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Farmer's Son Co.

Hunger Candle


Each piece in our limited edition Mexican hand blown glassware collection has been handcrafted exclusively for Farmer's Son Co in the city of Tonala, Jalisco, Mexico. The family owned workshop who we have partnered with uses glass bottles that have been salvaged from local garbage dumps by workers who they pay a fair wage for their work. Bottles are cleaned, crushed, melted and blown into one of a kind new pieces by skilled craftspeople. Thus, ensuring sustainability + reuse of existing resources.

This candle contains notes of santalum, wild violet, cedar, ambergris, lavender, sandalwood and fir. Best enjoyed when lit after midnight.

9.25oz - pure soy wax candle - 55-60 hours of burning time.

Hand poured in Winnipeg, Manitoba. 

Please allow 1-2 weeks for delivery of all items in-stock at Hut K.

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