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Flindt Wall

$1,110.00 $1,110.00

The new Flindt Wall fixture joins the popular Flindt Bollard to bring expressive illumination and bold, sculptural design to indoor and outdoor spaces alike. Based on the same carved-out design as its cylindrical bollard predecessor, the Flindt Wall continues the elegant form language in the shape of a perfect circle. The Flindt Wall is distinguished by a light egress from an opening in the top that emits light down the front of the fixture, creating a subtle, glowing ring of reflected light on the transition between the concave and convex shapes. 

The oval shape is lifted off the mounting surface, giving the fixture a floating appearance. Designer Christian Flindt worked with a combination of software, 3D printing, and metal casting to ensure the perfect balance between proportions, curves and light in designing the three Flindt Wall sizes.

Light source
The fixture emits an asymmetrical glare-free, downward directed light distribution. Softly illuminating its cut-out shape while providing an efficient horizontal illumination on the ground or floor. Perfectly fit for indoor as well as outdoor applications.

Light source:
LED 2700K
LED 3000K

Lighting control:
Dim 0-10v
Phase dimming (mains dimm)

Small: 7.9 in. diameter 
Medium: 11.8 in. diameter 
Large: 15.7 in. diameter 

**These fixtures offer varying lumen outputs. For more info, please contact us.**

Please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery from Louis Poulsen US. 

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