Fiber Soft Arm Chair / Swivel Base

$1,949.00 $1,949.00

A sculptural yet distinctly ergonomic seat makes the Fiber Soft Armchair ideal anywhere we spend an extended time seated. Its interior shell made of 100 % recycled plastic is clad with soft wadding and upholstery to elevate a supreme sense of ease and embrace. The spacious, ultra soft seat and smooth curves of Fiber Soft Armchair provide maximum comfort in public spaces and the home alike.​

Shell from 100% recycled plastic mixed with strength-improving additives. The recycled plastic comes from post-consumer waste. Seat, back and armrest is clad with multiple layers of foam and wadding and finished with textile upholstery. Swivel base in powder coated aluminum. Aluminum’s malleability makes it a grand fit for highly detailed, durable Muuto products, bringing a light, airy feel to robust designs.

Cleaning Instructions
Textile: For textile upholstered versions: In case of stains, we generally recommend removing non-greasy stains by carefully dabbing with a lint-free cloth or sponge wrung out in clean warm water. If necessary, clean by dabbing with soapy water made with a little dish soap. Finally, dab the surface with clean water. We highly recommend that you go to for further cleaning and maintenance instructions for your chosen textile, as the cleaning methods may vary from one textile to another. ​Base: Clean with a moist cloth. If necessary, use a little dish soap on the cloth.

25" wide by 23.8" deep by 30.5" overall height / 19.3" seat height

Please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery of all items in-stock at Muuto US.

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