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FH38 Windsor Chair

$3,300.00 $3,300.00

The Windsor Chair was designed by the Danish architect and cabinetmaker Frits Henningsen in 1938. Until 2003, the chair was continuously in production at Carl Hansen & Søn and is now being relaunched with a comfortable seat cushion. Frits Henningsen's FH38 Windsor Chair is as relevant today as the original English archetype made more than 300 years ago. The chair hides many artisanal challenges as different carpentry techniques have been used. Making the chair thus requires the skills of an experienced joiner.

All transitions as well as the organic shape on the upper side of the armrest are sanded by hand using what is known as a 'feel test'. Each chair is therefore unique and thus not only beautiful to look at but also a distinguished example of traditional craftsmanship developed and refined over the centuries.

The Windsor Chair is available in oak oil, oak soap, and oak smoked oil. Three custom seat cushions in leather are also available for additional comfort.

23.7" wide x 26.5" deep x 39.4" overall height / 17.6" seat height

Please allow 2-4 weeks for delivery of all products in-stock at Carl Hansen US warehouse.

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