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Carl Hansen & Son

CH46 Chair

$2,655.00 $2,655.00

Hans J. Wegner´s CH46 chair is simple and functional, but, at the same time, also elegant. One senses that Wegner could be inspired by the simple chairs of Southern Europe and the American Shaker movement, but he has personalized his inspiration.

Ergonomics was an essential consideration for Wegner in his designs. Careful coordination between slopes and proportions ensured that each chair was optimally suited for the human body. The choice of curved hind legs plays an important role in the construction and balance of the chair. The rearward bending at the top ensures a comfortable incline of the backrest, while the angle of the bottom ensures that the chair cannot fall backwards. The chair seat is woven from paper cord and the two backrest bars are laminated from 3 different thicknesses of wood which are then curved into a soft but tense bow shape. At the front, the armrest has the same elegant rounding as the front leg while curving slightly upwards toward the back where it is firmly fastened between the two backrest bars. The legs and armrests have a slightly arched surface.

21.7" wide by 20" deep by 31" tall, 17.3" seat height, 27.2" armrest height.

Please allow 8-10 weeks for delivery from Carl Hansen Denmark.
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