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CH417 Tray Table

$1,880.00 $1,880.00
Hans J. Wegner’s CH417 Tray Table stands out as a quintessential example of his approach to creating beautiful, unique, and above all functional design.

The CH417 Tray Table by Hans J. Wegner combines two parts – a reversible round tray and a collapsible base – into a smart, easy-to-store solution that is at once light and sturdy as well as practical and elegant.

A natural oak rim contains the lightweight tray, which is available with Wegner’s original black and white laminated sides or a version with light oak veneer on one side and walnut veneer on the other side.

A single cutout along the tray’s edge creates a convenient handle, making it comfortable to carry when serving refreshments or hors d’oeuvres.

The rim is held together by a narrow piece of oak wedged into its center: a classic example of the refined, clever design details for which Wegner was well known.

24.4" diameter by 12.9" tall

Please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery if in-stock at Carl Hansen US.
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