Bowl Centerpiece

$333.00 $333.00

The dictionary definition of a centrepiece is “an object occupying a central, especially an adornment in the centre of a table” and the Kubus Centrepieces are nothing short of that; an embellishment to any dining table. The centrepieces, designed by Søren Lassen, draws on simple geometric shapes like the square and the hemisphere characteristic for the Kubus collection. Lower than Kubus Bowl, the pieces are perfect for lively flower arrangements, plants and any other creative decoration that would flatter a dinner setting. Every bowl comes with an inlay making it suitable for food and greenery.

Small: 5.5" diameter by 2.7" tall
Large: 9" diameter by 4.5" tall

Please allow 3-4 weeks for delivery of all items in-stock at Audo.

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