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73 results from blowing liquid glass into a folded and highly heat-resistant ceramic fabric vessel. The resulting shape has a formal and textural expression intuitively associated with fabric, which becomes permanent and rigid as it cools. A xenon or LED is positioned to fill the resulting volume with diffuse light, accentuating the volumetric perception of the piece.

The 73.1m has 3 canopy options, visible in the gallery images.

Please note, all of the 73.1m options do not attach directly to a junction box and the power supplies must be remote mounted.

Lamps (10-watt xenon or 1.5-watt LED) and power supplies included.

Due to the hand crafted nature of the 73 series, the pendant size as well as colour depth and tonality will vary.

Power supply: Minimum amount of drivers required to power all fixtures included, additional drivers may be requested in the “Order Notes” at checkout.

Cable length is 10 feet unless otherwise requested!

Please allow ~2 weeks for delivery of all Bocci products unless otherwise noted.

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