Biglow Woodcraft

Gravity Bar

$110.00 $110.00

Hold photos, prints, and other paper goods in place. Swap or rearrange easily, because change is good. Packed with science to produce a truly unique paper organization and display experience that’s well suited to the modern conscious lifestyle. Upgrade your relationship with paper goods, on any wall space previously used for art, tack-boards, shelving or otherwise.

Designed for everyday storage, or long-term display. Try it in your office, your back entry, foyer, hallway, or wherever. Artwork belongs on your walls, and opinions often change. A solution for both. Holds artwork up to 457mm (18") wide.

The Gravity Bar is filled with large chrome ball bearings, sitting on a slope. The slope is tuned just right so you can easily slide paper goods into the slot and nudge the ball bearings up the slope, release, and enjoy this new spot for your paper as long as you like.

Sustainably made from White Oak or Black Walnut. Finished with a rich and durable wax-oil compound.

Mounting screws, wood plugs, drywall anchors and installation instructions included.

508mm x 80mm x 28mm (20" x 3" x 1")

Please allow 1-2 weeks for delivery of all items in-stock at Hut K.

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