Story Pinboard


The Story Pinboard brings subtle feelings of Scandinavian design into any work or creative context, whether in the home office, in a kids room or within the workplace. Produced in cork, a material that is sourced from the renewable bark of cork oak trees, the Story Pinboard recyclable in its entirety.

Cork is a recyclable material that is made from the bark of cork oak trees, consisting of 100% natural plant tissue. Cork oak forests are often found in Mediterranean countries in which they are an important environmental, social and economic element. The production of cork supports a unique and fragile ecology, preserving the biodiversity of its surroundings as the cork is harvested from the actual bark of the tree, leaving the tree in its place once the bark has been harvested.

Length: 11.2"
Height: 8.5"
Width: 3.5"

Please allow 2-4 weeks for delivery of all lighting in-stock at Muuto US.

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