Nina's House - Primary Bedroom

Time for part two- the primary bedroom! We didn't do anything major in here aside from filling in the built-in wardrobe that was so high up you couldn't even reach anything anyways. Plus this felt like the only somewhat logical spot for a tv in the bedroom so we put it on mount that allows us to watch from bed or the sofa. Eventually we'd like to open up that wall cavity either from the side and just have some open shelves or we'll open it up from the other side of the wall in our en suite- to be determined!

A couple fresh coats of Simply White by Benjamin Moore went a long way in here. The lime green just wasn't doing it for us. We weren't sure what we would end up doing with the curtains but after putting them through the wash and back up with no sash, they looked good as new and make me feel like I'm staying in a fancy hotel room. 

We weren't initially planning on keeping the Blu Dot Paramount Sofa w/ Chaise (sadly discontinued Dec 2022 but stock is still available at 25% off if you contact us for remaining availability!) in our bedroom but after a couple furniture shuffles, it landed here and so far it's been really nice. The chaise is often a morning coffee or work-from-home spot for me now. The size of this room was a major upgrade from our previous house so we took the opportunity to upsize to a king bed and we've been really happy with the Blu Dot Lid Storage Bed. The whole mattress platform lifts up and forwards for additional storage of bedding, seasonal clothing, etc.. New bed meant new bedding and this Dusen Dusen Check duvet set had been calling my name for awhile. 

Despite the bigger bed AND a sofa in the room, we still had plenty of space so the Blu Dot Jumbo Daybench serves as our laundry catch-all/folding station. We kept our same Muuto Stacked Nightstands and Bocci 28 Lamps from the old house as we still really love them both for look and function. 

The Blu Dot Peek 2 Door / 2 Drawer serves as my dresser and provides a landing pad for some of my beautiful objects like our Flos Taccia lamp and some ceramic and glass wares from Meg Does Pottery, Brook Drabot and Bramble Lee Pryde. The dark olive finish is new and I really like it. The little brass 'peek' holes are a nice detail. A few more notable items in here are the Sean Mclauchlan woodblock prints over the bed. Tanner gave these to me as a wedding gift so I knew I wanted them somewhere special at home. I think we'll do a larger rug in here at some point but the small area rug I won in an auction and just loved the colours in it but I'm still trying to find the best spot for it at home. 

A couple Menu Wire planters help round out the room. Ps. the white ones were discontinued but we have a couple left kicking around the showroom! All in all, this room makes me so happy and we really love waking up here. Especially when we're waking up to deer or other backyard critters 🦊

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