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How to: Spring Refresh

Our surroundings have a huge impact on our wellbeing, whether it be where we live, work or sleep, it's important that these spaces are not only functional but that they make us feel inspired and excited. As Winnipeggers we spend a good portion of the year trying to keep warm inside, and the same way that we all long for a warm winter vacation, its normal to itch for a little bit of refreshment in the spaces we occupy most to give us some energy and creative spirit for the remainder of the cooler months. We want to share a few ideas we have to keep your spaces feeling fun and creative in a way that feels personal and natural to you! 

Rearrange + Declutter

Before you go adding or buying new pieces, a good place to start when you’re looking for a little refresh is by rearranging and decluttering your space. When it comes to rearranging what you already have, there are many ways to do this depending on your space. If you’re limited on the movement of your larger furniture pieces, simple changes like rearranging and swapping the accessories on your coffee table or book shelf, moving a plant or floor lamp from one area of the room to another (or from one room to another), or shifting the placement of an accent chair will not only be a fun and creative process, but will provide a subtle feeling of change to your space. And if you’ve got some room and a few furniture pieces to work with (and energy to lift), rearranging the layout of your furniture can make a space feel completely new, even though you’re using what you already have. This rearrangement will not only change the feeling of a room but it might also give you an idea for something you’d like to add to your space. And in addition to rearranging, a spring declutter is always a good idea! 


Introducing a new material is a great way to add contrast and variety to a space, and this can be done through small yet impactful additions that don’t require a big commitment or major style change to a room. Say you’re working with a space that has a very neutral palate with lots of soft textures and muted tones, you might try introducing some metal accessories or metallic tones as these will add both contrast and shine while remaining classic and subtle in your space. The stainless steel Wave Tray by Muuto or the Flambeau Candle Holder by Menu both offer a natural and refined metallic touch that can easily be integrated into any space. Bringing in a new wood tone or finish is another great way to add visual interest to a space and can be done with simple additions. People are often hesitant when mixing woods but this doesn’t need to be a complicated process, and having a variety of woods is much more fun than everything matching! An easy way to create continuity when mixing woods is to take a look at what the dominant wood tone is in your space, this could be found in your floors or large piece of wood furniture in a room. From this dominant wood, pay attention to whether it has warm or cool undertones and then try to select pieces with the same undertone when selecting other wood pieces to bring into a space. (Tip: woods with warm undertones look more yellow, orange or red and cool undertones will look slightly grey.) From here, just have fun - wood accessories come in such a wide variety and can always be moved around. To name a few, The Rond Bowl from Menu, Nest Bowl from Blu Dot, and the wooden Sculpture Set by Elise McLauchlan are all beautifully made wood accessories that each have their own unique finish, colour and style. 


While we love adding something new to a space, it doesn’t always need to be completely “new". Mixing in a fun vintage piece to your interior will give it a great touch of character - and the hunt for these vintage pieces is equally fun whether you’re into a Mid-Century modern style or something more antique - there is so much to find! Eighty Four and a Half located right here in Winnipeg is a fantastic source for vintage finds whether you’re looking for unique glassware or some sweet Mid-Century lounge chairs - they have some amazing stuff. And of course, we all love a good Facebook Marketplace or Kijiji vintage find! Or, if your space already has a more vintage style to it, try adding something modern or contemporary to contrast the rest of the space. The Chiara lamp by Flos is super funky yet classic and will also add that metallic touch we mentioned earlier. And if you want a more impactful modern addition, the Bensen Hi-Turn chair is so sleek and modern and would fit perfectly into any retro or vintage space.

Refreshing your space should be a fun and creative process no matter how you decide to go about this. We hope you pulled some inspiration from this post and we're always around in the shop to help with whatever project you are taking on whether it be rearranging or adding something new! 

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