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22 Single USB Kit
22 Single USB Kit
22 Single USB Kit
22 Single USB Kit


22 Single USB Kit


The single USB kit contains one USB-A component, and one single mounting plate. It is available in the short and long component depth only. Mounting plates are available for drywall only applications or alternate material (solid surface) applications. 

An installation tool is required for each 22 System installation (sold separately).

Drywall mounting plates are designed to be mudded in. Other material applications (millwork, tile, glass, etc.) depend on the thickness of the wall material. 
- Alternate Short: 6.35mm/0.25"
Alternate Long: 31.75mm/1.25"

- 1x Single Mounting Plate
- 1x USB-A, 120-220V

Please allow 1-2 weeks for delivery of all items in-stock at Bocci.