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Halves Side Table

$745.00 $745.00

Made from a unique combination of acrylic and stone, the Halves Side Table is a sculptural display table that is a fit for any setting; next to the bed or sofa, in a hallway or an office. With its intersecting planes and contemporary shapes, the expression of the Halves Side Tables change according to the perception of its viewer.

Made from large casted sheets of acrylic stone composite, that are cut into shapes and welded together. Lastly, the surfaces are ground and polished giving the side table its soft feel and seamless joints.

Cleaning Instructions
Please use a wet cloth to clean surface if coffee, tea or other liquids are spilled on the table surface. If the stain cannot be removed with a wet cloth, we suggest using a small amount of normal detergent together with the wet cloth. If the stain is not immediately removed upon having been made and unable to remove after, we suggest using #800 ~1200 grit sanding paper to manually polish the surface.

14" diameter by 18.5" tall

Please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery of all items in-stock at Muuto US.