Emeco Birds

$100.00 $100.00

Designed by Yun Li, the Emeco Birds are made from sheet aluminum in an economic but precise process that expresses the formal quality of the birds with a minimum of elements. Their simple, graceful silhouettes are a natural addition to any setting.

The family includes a sparrow, a blackbird and a pigeon, each with its own distinct character. Equally at home indoors on a desk, a shelf or a coffee table as they are outdoors, where the breeze will give them a delicate rocking movement.

Sparrow - 6" W x 1.25" D x 2.85" H / 0.3lb
Blackbird - 9.3" W x 1.75" D x 4.15" H / 0.6lb
Pigeon - 12" W x 2.25" D x 6.55" H / 1lb

Recycled, brushed, clear anodized aluminum. Suitable for outdoor use. 

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