Coordinates Ceiling

$4,749.00 $4,749.00

“Coordinates is a lighting system consisting of horizontal and vertical strip lights that form illuminated grid-like structures of various complexities.
The system can be easily adapted for different environments of varying scale." - Michael Anastassiades

Each element is powered and supported by an invisible electrical and mechanical connection designed specifically to allow for the composition of the three ceiling models (C1 – C2 – C4), which may be combined with the respective Long versions for high ceilings (C1 Long, C2 Long, C4 Long). The ‘Module C’ is also available for large-scale installations.

Behind the design 
This design evolved from a commission for the feature lighting of the main dining area of the historic Four Seasons restaurant in New York City. The restaurant relocated and opened in 2018 with the interiors designed by São Paolo-based architect Isay Weinfeld.

Extruded aluminium, platinic silicone extruded opal

Anodized champagne or argent silver

Dimensions & Lighting Specs
C1 - 30.78" long by 48.5" tall
STRIP LED 45W 2270lm 2700K CRI95

C1 Long - 30.78" long by 67.79" tall
STRIP LED 52W 2670lm 2700K CRI95

C2 - 69.37" long by 54.01" tall
STRIP LED 69W 3660lm 2700K CRI95

C2 Long - 69.37" long by 73.3" tall
STRIP LED 83W 4470lm 2700K CRI95

C4 - 69.37" long by 37.4" tall
STRIP LED 157W 8830lm 2700K CRI95

C4 Long - 69.37" long by 56.77" tall
STRIP LED 185W 10450lm 2700K CRI95

Module C - 69.37" long by 53.93" tall
STRIP LED 183W 10230lm 2700K CRI90

Please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery of all lighting in-stock at Flos US.

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