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Globe Cone Slim Floor Lamp

$1,890.00 $1,890.00

You can probably tell that we are obsessed with spherical objects. In our perpetual quest for the purest forms, Globe stands out as the most minimal of the lot. A spherical orb, highly mirrored and perfectly reflective during the day, when switched on reveals a multiplicity of internal reflections from the integral LED. Reminiscent of ancient witch balls, hollowed spheres of coloured glass which were used to ward off evil spirits.

19.7" diameter by 70.9" tall
Base: 8.7" diameter

Shade: Polycarbonate
Fittings: Carbon fibre, steel

Lighting Specifications
Cable Spec: SVT, 3x18AWG, 300 V, 105°C
Cable Type/Length: Black Fabric, 98.4in
Light Source: 6W LED, Light Source Included, 100-120V
Max Wattage: 9W
Lumens: 800
CRI: >90 
Colour Temperature: 3000
Dimmability: Non-Dimmable
Spares: LED02-UL
Certifications: JA8 2019
Indoor use only 

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